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Grupo Unimetal provides its employees, third parties, suppliers, and other sectors within our business with the possibility of reporting misconduct that goes against our basic principles of business responsibility and ethics.

Through the Whistleblower Channel we receive reports on the following matters:


  • Unethical attitude;
  • Frauds of any nature;
  • Conflict of interest;
  • Discrimination and moral harassment;
  • Manipulation in financial reports;
  • Illegal activity;
  • Misconduct activities;
  • Any activity that is not in line with Grupo Unimetal’s Code of Ethics.

It is worth noting that all the reports are strictly confidential to preserve the integrity of both the whistleblower and the reported individual. All reports are managed by Grupo Unimetal’s Internal Audit Department, under the most up-to-date conflict resolution protocols that aim to analyze the seriousness of the matter, the credibility of the information, and the probability of confirming the report with reliable sources.


Harassment or threat to whistleblowers because of the report made through the Whistleblower Channel will not be tolerated.


The company will make its best to keep whistleblowers’ identities confidential.


The channel receives anonymous reports. However, if whistleblowers want to be identified, all necessary guidance will be provided during the investigation.

Telephone: 0800 591 2689

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