HR Policy


HR Policy

Grupo Unimetal is committed to finding people with the ability to develop and apply their talents in the green petroleum coke transformation area. The Group offers constant learning and in-depth use of technical concepts to deliver quality products, always taking into consideration its market and social objectives.

Accordingly, we are constantly pursuing excellence in the execution of works, focusing on the benefits provided by Grupo Unimetal’s expertise in several segments around the world. By adopting a fair and serious policy that complies with the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and National Legislation, we can offer our employees attractive benefits programs compatible with those of the market.

People Management:

with respect for the human being, Grupo Unimetal fosters an environment that enhances professionalism by welcoming life-changing challenges to society;

Embrace the necessary skills:

Professionals are allocated in their specific areas, following a policy that develops people based on the results of their talents;

Adequate level of training:

By offering training programs, Grupo Unimetal encourages personal and professional growth, which ensures improvements in the company’s results and in the cognitive and practical skills of all employees.