Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy is made available by the Unimetal Group (“Unimetal”), to inform and clarify users of our companies’ websites regarding the treatment of information and data captured with cookies, upon their mere visit, as well as as well as in the use of other features on our websites.

In this sense, this policy will establish the basis for users of one of our websites to decide on their best choice for the use of our cookies.



Cookies are small text files or fragments of information that are stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website. We use cookies to optimize your browsing experience, and therefore we place cookies on your browser or device, which inform us about your interaction with the pages and features of our websites.



When accessing the website of one of the Unimetal Group companies, automatic data collection is possible, through cookies, comprising the following: IP – Internet protocol, browser type, operating system, number of visits, language, date and access time and pages visited.

The cookies used on our websites are categorized as Strictly Necessary, Performance and Targeting , and regarding their durability, we use session and persistent cookies, which serve among several purposes, for safe and efficient browsing, with storage preferences, so that we can improve the user experience with the use of statistical data.

Strictly Necessary cookies are essential and represent those considered essential for website services to be provided, therefore playing an important role in accessing specific areas of our websites, allowing browsing and use of their applications in a safe manner.

Performance cookies are used to improve your experience and facilitate navigation on our websites, being able to capture information about how users use the website, which pages are accessed most and how often, as well as whether they received any error messages.

Targeting cookies are used to track user activities and sessions so that we can provide a more personalized service. Targeting cookies are also called advertising cookies as they are commonly used for this purpose.

Session cookies are stored in the internet browser of the devices used by users during access (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and expire when the browser is closed, and our persistent cookies have an expiration period that varies between 1 minute and , 1 year and 1 month. While they have not expired, cookies are used on each new visit to the website, directing navigation according to the user’s interests.

We use the cookies detailed in the following tables, depending on the domain address:

I – Domain:


II – Domain:


III – Unimetal Group Sales Portal: Does not use cookies.



Unimetal Group websites may present the possibility of selecting to accept or reject all cookies, as well as the possibility of selecting by category, between Strictly Necessary, Performance, and Targeting.

Additionally, you can set your browser to refuse our cookies, and to do so, please consult the help section of your browser for guidance on how to do so. If you use multiple devices to access our website, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet, please ensure that the browser on each device is configured to meet your cookie preferences.

If you disable or refuse cookies, please note that some parts of our websites may become inaccessible or not function properly.